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The wise man therefore always holds in these matters

New Site & Blog

It’s officially been a year since I departed the 9-5 life. It’s been one hell of a journey and I’ll admit… it’s been hard. But I knew I was stepping into a roller-coaster of ups-and-downs after I left my job as a Senior Producer at Sinclair Broadcasting Group. But the potential of growth outweighed the comfort of a steady paycheck. I wanted to see how far I could go outside the structure of a corporate business without the waiting and aiming for that “promotion” within the guidelines of tenure. I also didn’t want to experience the long hours within a cubicle anymore. My time yearned to be spent with new & exciting clients, building my business, traveling, and finally taking risk. Now I’m releasing an online-portfolio I can be proud of and with confidence say I’m ready for the larger challenges ahead of me.


“I’m ready for the larger challenges ahead of me.”

To prepare myself for the uncertain schedule of a freelancer, I had to learn what the term, “life-balancing” meant to me. Life-balancing is for people that work a 9-5, not for a vagabond. I quickly learned that the passion I have for my work will give love back to me but only if I fully submerged myself into it. If you take the risk in following the work you want, there isn’t a need to life-balance. Without even knowing, the distribution of the weight between your work and social-life will upright and steady.

I’m also dedicating this blog to the community of freelancers. I will be sharing interviews with people I admire within the industry, past co-workers on projects, updates on my work, and tips on how to start your own business while living the life of freelance.

In closing, don’t let others define you. That definition is up to you. Resisting temptation to compare yourself to others is a problem we all face. We all have our own way of getting what we want and need out of life. Once you start believing in your own self-worth, your time and energy will start to reflect in your favor. Overall, I’m excited for the new release of my website and to announce some upcoming projects I’ll be a part of. Until then, be on the look-out for some interviews with some killer people that I look up to that both create some amazing content for Comedy Central and Adult Swim!




Hunter Boone

Television Producer, Journalist, Frank and Oak Ambassador, & Filmmaker.

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