RoflWaffle Podcast - Hunter Boone | Media Producer & Journalist | Actor & Voiceover
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RoflWaffle Podcast

Andy BoBrow from NBC's Community

RoflWaffle Podcast

My good friend Thomas Wilkinson and I created a podcast a few years back as an excuse to talk to our favorite writers and actors at the time in Hollywood and we landed an interview with our obsession, NBC’s Community.

This interview was done right after Dan Harmon left the show as the original showrunner and Andy BoBrow (from Malcolm in the Middle) filled us in on what was going on in the show since then and what we should expect.

The podcast was short-lived but this will always be a remembered moment for Thomas and I being able to talk to Andy about our favorite show.

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Ep. 2 out of 4


March 4, 2015


Journalism, Voice Overs